Mr. Vincent van Wingerden

Mr. Vincent van Wingerden is the Business Development Manager Europe at CLASSIQ. He is an enthusiast with a passion for tech. His focus is on cutting edge technologies, specifically quantum computing and how to leverage this exciting upcoming technology.

CLASSIQ ( is a leading company devoted to quantum software development. The company believes that quantum algorithms should be limited only by ingenuity and imagination, not by laborious gate-level design. This is why they provide a software platform that helps quantum teams automate the process of converting high-level functional models into optimized quantum circuits. CLASSIQ is trusted by companies like Microsoft, AWS, IBM Q or NVIDIA.

During this talk, titled “Create large-scale quantum programs using Classiq”, Vincent will show how the Classiq platform can be used to create large-scale quantum circuits easily. Various unique features will be discussed, like how Classiq allows you to adapt to any current or future quantum computer. During this talk, you will have the opportunity to experience the Classiq platform hands-on, in a workshop format.

Mr. Iraitz Montalban

Mr. Iraitz Montalbán, Lead Software Developer at Kipu Quantum GmbH, has a long track record when it comes to boosting advanced research in analytics and computing for universities, research institutions and companies of all sizes. Co-author of “Financial Modeling Using Quantum Computing” and lecturer has held roles of responsibility and helped build the technology roadmap for many medium and large size enterprises as a consultant. Currently drives the project delivery and product development at Kipu Quantum GmbH.

Kipu Quantum GmbH ( is a German startup aiming to provide quantum advantage for the industry in the near future. This challenge builds on top of the current status of quantum computing hardware, thus, Kipu Quantum’s proprietary technology based on algorithmic compression and analog-encoding techniques enables compression and transpilation of customer problems into quantum devices of the NISQ era. Thanks to this visionary approach, Kipu Quantum places a safe bet on getting the most out of the current, but also future, quantum hardware.

This talk will explore the past, present and future of Quantum Computing and how Kipu Quantum is merging its cutting-edge technology with latest advances of the field to make quantum computing an industry grade solution for the near future. Companies in all industry verticals face daily challenges related to computing and simulating scenarios to improve their decision-making process. We will briefly explore some of those business use cases, showing how existing companies are actively involved in pushing this research field and how the challenges faced in currently available NISQ devices have shaped the techniques and algorithm landscape for Quantum Computers.

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